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Thank you for joining us for our first annual 
30 Days of Joy Campaign

A Nationwide, Online Joy Mob!

30 Days of Joy kicks off on September 1st in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. There are over 500,000 kids worldwide fighting cancer today who need our support!

When you sign up to "Give Joy" during 30 Days of Joy, you will join a community of compassionate supporters who simply want to bring smiles to the faces of kids fighting cancer (courageous kids).

30 Days of Joy participants will join together in a month-long, nationwide online Joy Mob tour, for which we will collectively joy mob  and encourage courageous kids on a daily basis, covering the entire US! In addition, participants have the option to "fun-raise" to help secure the resources needed to deliver 1,500 JoyJars this fall ($30,000).

Sign up as an individual (mobber) or start your own team (mob) and earn some cool "fun-raising" incentives. Visit the "Give Joy" sign up page for more information. 


When a family hears their child has cancer, everything changes. Medical visits replace family weekend outings, the burden of medical bills replace family trips and all of the worry and "what if's" take over. 

When 12-year old Jessie Rees fought cancer in 2011, she refused to let cancer take away her joy and her happiness. With all that she endured during her 10-month fight with cancer, Jessie wanted to continue to be a kid- to laugh, to play and to smile. Knowing there were so many kids like her fighting cancer, Jessie wanted to find a way to bring them joy and put smiles on their faces. Soon after, Jessie founded JoyJars- hospital-approved jars filled with toys and activities. Jessie would deliver her JoyJars to kids fighting cancer across the US. Jessie personally stuffed and delivered over 3,000 JoyJars. 

Jessie lost her battle with cancer on January 5, 2012. But with the support of her incredible family,supporters and volunteers (just like you), Jessie's mission to bring smiles to the faces of 
courageous kids continues on through the efforts of the Jessie Rees Foundation, formerly known and founded by Jessie as the NEGU Foundation. To-date, over 100,000 JoyJars have been delivered to children fighting cancer around the world!

Just today 46 more children will be told they have cancer.  Join us TODAY in bringing awareness to the realities of childhood cancer and help us raise the funds needed to reach these courageous kids who are in the toughest battle of their lives. Help us bring them a smile and some JOY today!